Look! Shock of shocks, I'm coming out in favour of Jenny Tonge MP!

We've been here before, with Cheire Blair a while ago. While this time it doesn't smack of rapant mysogyny like that last one (could you honestly see Dennis Thatcher declaring his support for apathtied and getting slapped down for it? Fuck no), and her possition as a front bench MP makes it a bit less of a 'everyone should say what they think, then maybe there'd be a precedent for giving a fuck'* issue, there's still the fact that Tonge is completely in the right on
this one.

This has touched upon stuff I've been thinking about for a few weeks now, mostly in preperation for, presumably, having to defend myself for the next three months in a class on Unionism; responsibility lies with those who have power over those who do not. Those with power create the structure in which all are forced to live. To create a structure as hopelessly, mindlessly self destructive as Israel and then turn round and go on about angetial causes for action is pathetic, lazy, ignorant and willfully destructive through its tacit approval for the perpetuation of the situation.

Those with power should be forced to take the majority of the blame for any action that they have pushed others in to. You simply cannot ghettoize almost an entire fucking subnational grouping and blame them for reacting, but you can blame opeople for fucking ghettoizing an entire subnational group.

Yes, Israelies who die in suicide bombings are unfortunate, innocent victims and their families deserve support and their people deserve to have the threat of suicuide bombings taken away from them, but killing everyone who, in the charming, moderate words of Clive James, 'looks like a suicide bomber'** isn't the way to go about it. You can't legitimise the use of force and then wonder why it is considered legitimate; Realist assumptions only work if everyone involved is working from a Realist point of view.

No one anymore thinks that states have a legitimate monopoly on force for a variety of reasons: increased democracy has simply weakened our sub-Hobbesan respect for the state through direct participation and a free press meaning eveyrone simply knows more now; the use of terror and the increaseing primacy of non-military targets going right back to Churchill's mustard-flavour lively terror on the Kurds (remember the Kurds?); retroactive legitimisation of terrorist actions such as in South Africa (this is, of course, a good thing, but still highlights the problem with semantics we're dealing with here); and the rise and rise of state terrorism viewed as a legitimate form of coercive diplomacy by other means. That and the fact that Arab terrorists simply don't view our states as legitimate, and so our use of force obviously isn't, and we've created a world where terrorism / military intervention is now a dichotomy almost entirely in the eys of the beholder.

This is like complaining that black people don't help the Metropolitan Police, and homeless crack addicts forced out of the house because of insane levels of debt: the problem lies with the structure within which actions take place, and until that is tackeled, how can anyone be expected to stop reacting to it?

In this situation it is both foolish to attempt to force an arbitary distinction between two different uses of force, both of which are equally wrong, as well as hypocritical to point to the victims of structural atrocities and blame them for agnetial ones.

Jenny Tonge's great, isn't she?

*My line on the the Blair thing.
**For context, this was said on This Week when justifying his idea for increased airport security on Arab's asses. he didn't say 'so far, every suicide bomber has been an Arab', he did actually say that 'so far, every suicide bomber has looked like a suicide bomber'. It's a good job I might be the only person in the universe to actually wartch This Week.

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It's been a long, long time...

I can't help but feel,
Needledick, that the point isn't that they're 'being released back on to the streets of this country without the evidence against them being tested' but that THERE ISN'T ANY FUCKING EVIDENCE TO TEST.

Notice how, when white people get arrested in Greece they're actually the physical embodiment of the rights of the freeborn Englishman? I can't wait for the 'they were visiting their family' line to get retorted with ' well fi they have family there then what are they doing here?'

No, wait, that's a lie; I think I might actually just start beating Sun readers up for being in my fucking personal space if that happens.

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Do you know what blows? Barbelith being down. Now I can't ask them about the history of the use of 'reason' as an argument for cross-gender equality oin feminist literature, because I neither thave the time nor knowwledge to look this up before next wednesday.

Instead, I am going to have to do something silly like pass my exams, instead of trying very hard to avoid the threads on Lost in Translation and hip hop.

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So This Morning may be a paragon of petty-bourgeoise tabloid remedialism, but the alternative was the rain ouitside for consrtuctive revision or the cookies inside with, um... 'revision'. Anyway, their first feature was on transsexuals. I have no idea why.

Obviously, this being about validating the Daily Mail, the middle-aged MTF got favourable treatment (why does the Daily Mail seem to like these stories? Why are they always middle-aged?), but the one the was interesting was the teenage FTM (who, incidently, was doing that thing of looking like he was 12, dispite being 18. SEE ALSO: most of the studio at Tuesday's Newsnight, who looked like a primary school day trip, and even darling-of-the-day Julia Prague was a 15 year old classically trained music student if we're honest with ourselves).

Not only did he have the cunt* to come out and do this at such a young age, but he also seems to be coping surprisingly well with possibly the most annoying and ignorant father I've seen on television for a long time; after even fucking Fern managed to show her heartful compassion for the guy as he explained that he felt hurt that the two tutors at college who knew he was really a man still treated him like a girl, his father proceeded to go on about how understanding he was about his daughter's life choices. I understand that it must be quite hard for a father to get his head around the idea of not actually having a daughter after 18 years of having a daughter but for God's sake, at least be honest about it.

Yes. Work. Hmm.

Joe? Can I have a semantics check on this one? Can we still use cunt=balls for FTM transsexuals? Oh, it's all so confusing...

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Yes! This is what we like! Does the Sun really understand so little?

In other news, now that I am not being forced to live with my hallmates for the next three years (God. Bless. Barbelith.), I seem to be able to put up with them a lot better. Not least because half of them can't seem to find houseing for next year, but also because there is a clearly defined time limit on how manyt more times they're gonna tell me that hip hop is all bitches and hoes, and that they should ahve more respect for women, and that Missy's too fat (still) and Brody Dale's too fucking ugly to be one of the best 50 guitarists of the next year and that women can't play guitar and that the good thing about Outkast is that even though they're black, they're not really hip hop.

That was all one person, you know.

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Lost in Translation is fucking annoying. I've not even seen it, and I'm still going to, but I swear to God I'm just gonan fucking punch the next guy* who whitters on incesently about how Coppola must have kept on phoneing her Dad thru the whole thing like she doesn't know how to make a film. Because she's a women.

*No I'm not.

_chris! // 17:42


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