No. No no no. You don't do this. you don't fucking threaten to quit over fucking TOP-UP FEES, you hissy-fit throwing shithead.

Top-up fees are, of course, bollocks, being as they are based on the same sort of interpretive wrinkle that gave us liberal feminism: the way forward isn't for everyone to become men, as men are stupid; the way forward isn't for everyone to become the middle class, because the middle calss are stupid.

Isn't the really obvious? Doesn't that simply entail a whole load a class shame? Wouldn't our world be better if we stopped shipping all the jobs Thatcher things are for bummers to Asia and started realsing the economic importance of jobs Conservatives wouldn't be seen dead doing?

It should, of course, be noted that the actual policy bears no realation, at all, to the ideology, but is also a big pile of crap in its own way.

... and so getting back to the point: why quit over this?? Sure, I heard it on This Week, with the world's fucking worst ever chairman (so very, very trained by Rupert Murdoch, and apparently sent in by him deliberatly to make the BBC even more boring, uninformative and useless, thus further making people go What? The liscence fee? For this?), but still... the mere thought of it is wrong. Why can't he resign for being a war criminal? Resigning for being a war criminal would at least make sense.

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Yes, you're right, I have been completed swayed now. I totally hate Jews jsut like when all yr stupid whinning and missing the point made me realise I must secretly hate Americans because I am jealous of their large cars /

No. No no no. Shut up Guardian, with yr stupid Julie Birchill. While clearly I cannot speak for anyone other then myself here, the problem with Israel is that my govt, and indeed almost the entire universe, supports policies which are utterly abhorrent, and that this lends legitimacy to the concept of collateral damaeg and that through these actions we are,e sentially, offering tacit consent to religiously/racially-motivated attacks against others.

Clearly a stupid thing. Does this mean I hate Israel? No. Thanks to a functioning concept of democracy, which I am capable in large parts because my mind is not tiny like Birchill's, I can see how the present govt there is not Israel and is now the Jews either.

Isn't the ability to function in the modern world great? Oh, and really Julie? You'd love to lvei there would you? How about we have the majority of the country vote in a govt that, through religious and racial justifications, decided to bomb the fuck out of Wales, Scotland and Ireland? Would you like that, shithead?

_chris! // 13:01


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