Well done, Unionists. You've managed to elect a man who not only called his son Ian (that's crap) but is also called Ian (that's really crap) and ALSO calls his party "Democratic" without actually being fucking aware what the word "democracy" actually involves (HINT: People fucking vote for what they want to vote for, and then you fucking deal with it- and look! people voted for Sinn Fein! This is the bit where you FUCKING WORK WITH THAT, YOU IGNORANT RACIST LITTLE FUCKING SHITHEAD).

_chris! // 10:56



Oh, and Ian Paisly Jr. better be on the news tonite, cos he was around last nite but wasn't doing that thing where he tries to tell me THE FUCKING CATHOLIC CHRUCH IS THE EMBODYMENT OF SATAN. ON EARTH.

_chris! // 17:01


Know what the world needs? Other then left wing academics with nice, sensible names for their books? Fucking footnotes. None of this fucking endnote shit, or even wrose, that fucking NOTES TO PAGE 18-30 shit printed at the fucking back- you got so few notes?? You can fucking put them at the fucking bottom of the page. There is no call for having to have twio fucking bokmarks for flicking backwards and forwards.

We need footnotes, and we need lots of them, backing everything the fuck up so I don't have to read so many books but can, instead, garner almost all I need from a couple of well-chosen sources.

Make. My. Life. Easier.

_chris! // 16:53


You are Julia Kristeva! You were a student of
Roland Barthes, and came up with such important
notions as intertextuality and abjection. You
are a semiotician, psychoanalyst, scholar of
literature, and dozens more things. You are not

What 20th Century Theorist are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yeeeeh... Is that bad? It seems like it might be bad. And maybe not so well-matched. is there a paralell universe of psychoanalytic theorists who think the notion that what yr subconcious thinks is a hella useless fact run ramapant? Is this where my theorist is from?

Today, I've spent all day reading Stiglitz's snivling, whiny Globalisation and its Discontents. Really? The World Bank doesn't do anything wrong at all ever? Because it has a big stone plac saying "We're not big fans of poor people" (in this making-them-less-poor sense, not the making-them-less-people sense, obviously)? Really? So why did you leave it then, shitface?

Is everything, everywhere, ever really the fault of the IMF all the time, always? Why aren't you taking responsibility?? Craphead!

However, I feel this book will look a lot better on my bibliography then the blantent agenderising and more then a bit wrong No Logo, or the deeply regretably named New Rulers of The World. Must we, really, call our books things like Rich White Men Ate My Babies For Lower Taxes?

Please, I desperately need books on globalisation and "why the making of policy has become so contentious" that don't look anti-Semitic (I realise, of course, that these books aren't, but they do all smack, a bit, of Protocol) and have dull names like Macroeconomics Is Utterly And Completely Benign and This Whole Books Was Based On An Economic Model That Features Perfect Supply/Denmand Relationships Because That's What All The Best Universities Teach Even Though It's Complete Bollocks, And So This Whole Book Comes Across As Very Very Un-Biased In Every Respect.

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