This computer is a piece of shit, I have no idea why my work load seems to be increasing bi-hourly, the library is closed for some child-raping, Tory-voting, rap-hating shit of a reasonm, I can't believe I spent about an hour looking at Tez thinking "You. I know you. How do I know you?" and only realised when I got home who it was, and I've been in here about half an hour searching in vain for academic reviews of a book when I have no idea how to find such things on the internet and when I got here, I hid a friend's stuff behind the printer and has she been in here since? No! How will my jest work if she isn't here?? Shithead.

The above things are neutrals: A negtive is the almost vomit-inducing sense of guilt felt at reading
L's last blog entry, and a possitive was turning on the radio while making Nutella-on-toast sandwhiches and getting Mad World.

Still. Still.

_chris! // 14:14


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