So does anyone else picture the power cut sounding like Get Busy? There is no reason for this, other then the fact that in a power cut, cars still work, and Get Busy sounds like cars.

_chris! // 17:19


So how did Bush decide that it was the Canadians, and not the Terrorists, who were to blame for the power cuts? Toss of a coin? I for one still wish his luck had been out two years ago, and he'd blamed Canada for September 11th...

And where the fuck did all the experts, who write papers on the American National Power Supply come from?? Why did their mummies let them out so late at night, far away from their preciousssssss supplies of milk? We had half an hour of their twittering, about power supplies.

Did you know electricty is intrinsicly boring, and that privately owned companies in the services sector are also marred by an almost existentialist level of dispair-inducing dullardry? And that these two combined fucking suck? I HONESTLY DO NOT CARE. Just show me pretty pictures of NYCers sitting on stoops smoking and having good, candle ligh-lit hair.

And fucking do not fucking make fucking September 11th comparisons. Fucking.

_chris! // 17:10


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