Is George Bush even trying any more? I’m getting really insulted with the way that he seems to assume that I’m as dumb as he is. The situation appears to have been set out that North Koera is actually a threat, but shithole when it comes to natural resources, so we back the fuck up. Iraq has oil and, presumably, missiles that can get to Israel. He probablly also still has his old “CIA Plant- Please don’t deal with me until it’s too fucking late” card lying around somewhere.

And he’s told us this. What- doid he think we wouldn’t notice?? he makes a big song and dance about North Korea being all eivl n’ shit, get’s more evidence then he could ever make himself in a month of Sundays (he does his evil shit on a Sunday, after church. This I am sure of), goes to confront them and they basically say “Look. Here are our Weapons of Mass Destruction- so ask yrself: do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?” and Bush, in his true Bush style, goes “Whoa! Fuck! I was right! Let’s eat twinkies and move the tax burden!”. That they are unwilling to go after North Korea surely can’t be taken as a sign of anything other then the fact that they’re all finally learnt that, if they’ve actually got the capability, bombing their hospitals and sending in peace keepers to set up child sex industries is Just Fucking Dumb.

So instead we’re going back to Iraq. Where clearly no one is pretending that Hussein has anything he could hit us with other then an army who really fucking don’t like us. Because we’re willing to actually go there. And I’d be all for this, if I thought it would liberate the Kurds. BUT NO ONE IN AMERICA SEEMS TO LIKE THEM. They seem to be there to get fucked over by all sides. It’s total shit! If I thought there was a hope in hell of the new regime that’s put in there doing anything other then bleeding the country dry on the cheap for America and, uh... brutally repressing the opposition and calling it stabalisation then this’d be great! It’d be Free Kurd Week! We’d have free Kurds!

But we won’t. They’ve made that clear now. Once again all Bush is doing is pushing the bill (in this case: who’s innocent civilian’s blood will be used to paint the re-election posters?) from the group who should pay (in this case: armed to the fucking teeth North Korean bastards) and on to those who don’t (in this case: one tin pot dictator who was never going to do anything ‘til he died anyway). And anyway... don’t we have a UN to do shit like international law?

Ladies and gentlemen: this is yr twothousandandthree. Enjoy.

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This year I will also make a lot of badges.

_chris! // 19:21


My work is fucking stupid. They canceled my shift and then the woman who canceled it forgot, and phoned up asking where I was. I was, mercifully and rarely and beautifully, out.

And I am actually going out tomoro nite! Check me out! I'll be wearing girl's clotheing and everything! The thought of this alone should get me thru my SIX HOUR CRAPFEST SHIFT.

other news- I finally made it into Ottakers, about a week late. had a bunch of stuff to lend Leon to make myself look cool (Morrison's Avengers comic, and heaqvy Liquid, as I'm sure if he'd heard of Pop, his stuff'd be all over the shop) but, uh... he wasn't there. And I've now caused stupidly large ammounts of damage to the five remaining sky issues and their flimsy brown paper envelopes, which I am starting to hate for how cheap they look.

That Leon wasn't there is intensly irritating. I wanna get this issue somewhere where it's a "real" "success". I wanna go on and I want take this zine malarky further. And I get the feeling Ben'd like to make some money from it. Hmm... I like the idea of making this work. That this is a New Year somehow makes it feel like I should be feeling like this is the year that is Offically Do Something. It's a nice thought. I like that thought. I take it out and stroke it every nite.

Maybe I should just fucking do something proper- eh?

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Check it out! Atart of the new year, back at work, and I'm fucking happy. How cool is that?? I think I'm supposed to be discussing my last year, but I have issues with self-contained units of time (MEANING: my brain seems to be incapable of conceptualising them) so I shant.

Instead I will tell you that my new year's resolution is to learn to jump in the air and click my heels together while walking, that I've only just noticed I'm going to University soon and C4 promjising a bonafide real honest genuine Chinease underground film. It is, presumably, The Most Indie Thing In The World and, thus, must be seen.

_chris! // 14:41


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