Ever get the feeling you just made a really shit vote?

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So. My birthday. /

Let’s talk about some weirdness! Last year, I got all buzzy and excited about it, while everyone around me pretty much uniformly forgot to care. This year, I feel like a jaded, career-driven 30-something lesbian with no maternal instinct trapped in the life of a scrawny 17 yr. old supermarket employee. My friends, in one of those charming moments of collective guilt, keep on telling me how it’s nearly my birthday (presumably to both ease their pain and make sure they remember, thus avoiding an event akin to last year’s “It’s your birthday on monday!” “It’s monday today” “No! Next monday!” “No, today” debacle) and my parents are angsting at me about 30 times a day about it’s my 18th so I should get something durable that I will always remember as my 18th (like when my sister rented a tent. Very durable) and they don’t know how they should celebrate it (like when my sister rented a tent. Very seasonal).

Which all sort of ignores the fact that, for about two hours every day, I kinda just end up feeling relieved that work are trying to make me scan people’s shopping for three hours that day anyway.

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Last nite, I dreampt on TV, and 3.2 billion people around the world watched it, including me.

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