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hehe. total MOBALISETEAMSMASHINNOCENTCUSTOMERSGO! moment when two demographically enginered, The Archers styled yoofs came into the store, at which point the whole upper managment turned into fat, stupid meir cats and watched as these guys walked around the store, then came back to my till (why my till?!) and brought chinease style chiken wings in a big plastic bucket and some lemon oasis, paid for it with a £20 note and left, leaveing the upper managent, by turns, like 12 yr. olds who almost kissed a girl in the park but she stopepd cos their breath smelt of liver, or like fat old men who were mebarresed by the way that'd almost starting crouching and luicking their lips at the propect of a kill.

All of which was funnier when I was writting it on the back of a lottery form, hence ""- because it's live! How novel?!

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So anyway, just to make my first day back at school totally rocking, I have to go to work and face thinly veiled accusations of theft in what is, frankly, a really pissingly irritatingly suspicious affair.

SO: Someone signs into a till at 13:58, registers a total sale of £24.98 and signs off at 13:59. One of my managers swears blind that I was "in the store at that exact time". This i, focourse, made all wonderful by the way that i was indeed in the store, but at 14:10ish. I was on a bus going into town at 14:00, but I don't have a bus ticket to prove it. I went into the library before I went to work, but at no point did I get my library card scanned. No security camera's tape anything ever. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

SEE HOW DULL EVERYTHING IS?? I can only hope that the next year in school goes all totally rocktastic (and to that end, I am not thinking about it AT ALL) and blah blah fishcakes.

My blog my rock later, it may not. Right now it's very dull because I am leading a dull, wallpaper stripping life. It's nice, but in a small way that's doesn't communicate well.

Fuck this, I'm shuting up now.

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Apparently, there's a picture of The Powerpuff Girls on here. I can't see it on my Mac, and it doesn't show up as a bost in the edit window on either on my Mac or Lucy's PC (but she can still see it on my blog).

As much as I love The Powerpuff Girls, please ignore the picture. It is only there because I was checking code. However, please also get very excited about the film coming out on the 18th of October.

There was a cloud shaped like a cloud!

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(The Times log-in required)

Iain Duncan-Smith is a total fucking arse. Go on, tell me you're surprised... he is now pushing for
war with Iraq (told you you'd need log-in). Why is he pushing for Iraq? Does he reall think that George Bush and his hawkish buddies are gonna stage a fucking coup de tade to get him in to power and the next election, rigging votes, suspending counts in constiuencies where they are voting for three things and thus take more then day or just plain storming Downing Street as the bankers and CEO's get drunk on champagne and extole the virtues of International Democracy™ and Freedom™ before sitting down to work out how they can best enforce their legal ownership of these concepts and thus charge any people's thinking of forming their own free countires and democracies?

We're not in Chillie,a nd we're not in Florida any more, Iain... Exactly who do you think you're winning votes with?! The vast mass of deployable redneck patriot hicks at Dubya's disposal are not suddenly going to be granted British residency and given houses in marginal constiuencies. Federal marshals are not going to be deployed in counting offices, delaying the announcements of pro-Labour decisions while rushing thru unchecked hints of a swing to the Tories. The BBC will not turn into CNN, fail to remember we live in a WORLD with OTHER PEOPLE in and only report on cat's in trees and the shocking, yet morally right, turn to the traditional English character of BLUE that the nation has been undergoing in the past couple of weeks 'til everyone thinks they amy as well vote Dumb because Hey! They're gonna win anyway...

Or did Iain, Conservative Party Leader 2001- actually say something he genuinly belived in, a heartful and honest representation of his own inner soul, procalimed NOT for public approval but because it was the right thing to do? Hmm...

_chris! // 23:43


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