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So. It’s a miserable Friday. It’s the last miserable Friday of my summer, too, but I don’t think that makes it any more or less miserable. Anyway.

This sumemr hasn’t been as bad as expected, but hasn’t been as good as the summer that was in my head in March, which a sentence so bereft of shock value as to be of next to no signifcance what so ever. Fuck it.

I’ve seen less films, less episode’s of The Powerpuff Girls, less of my friends and more of my front end supervisors then I would have liked. I’ve learnt numerous bass lines but am yet to pay for the fucking thing, spent more money then I really feel comfortable doing, yet have little-to-no lovely new kipple to show for it. I’ve sent far more txts to friends then I’ve had txts in reply, stand a band with no drumer but that’s OK cos it won’t get anywhere and have fallen in love with Scrubs.

Blah blah fishcakes. The bit’s with
Lucy were fun, as were most of the bit’s with Mark. The barbemeet for fridge was lovely and when I saw people, I liked seeing them. Now I just want this miserable going-to-work Friday to be over, and tomorrow’s going-to-work, Angelless Saturday to be over, so I can have loungearound Sunday with Lucy and bereft of worth or value and a Tuesday of showing my grades to teacehrs and enrolling in the Upper Sixth and then it’ll be wednesday, and I can skim over details of my summer and get on with being back at school again.


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Whoa! Today, both Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Jeremy BILLY! Sisto were on teo chanels at the same time!

Tara was on some celebrity Survivor shit called I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, stuck on a tropical island with Uri Gellar (you so know this was ITV... ), as well as some horrible docu- Diry Dancing cash-in... THING on C4, while Jeremy was in badbadbadbadWRONG Emma (don’t get me wrong, I hate Emma too) remake, Clueless on BBC2 and YAY! Six Feet Under, again on C4, playing with knives.

Yep, THAT is the most interesting thing I can tell you today... tho obviously I’m far too lazy to actually link to things to show you I’m right on all this, which means you’ll just have to take my word for it all.

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First things first (and much more important then pithless cathing up... ) JUNE GOT BLOG. This is very great because the guy doesn't really have, you know, and language skills. At all, really... That said, he does seem to have gotten a bit better. Which is a shame.

Anyway. Wales. It was boring. It didn't even have Scrubs. Which is WRONG. What it had instead was La Bamba. Which was horrible. It basically involved sending a Welsh film crew off to somewhere Spanish and cheesy and telling them to find people who spelt Welsh. But not just anyone who spelt Welsh, oh no... No, they went looking for people who spoke Welsh like it wasa a GCSE oral exam. They got four men and four women and told them to introduce themselves, and then say which of the opposite sex they fancied. The only thing I learnt from all of that was that "sectioned under the Hental Health Act" is the same in Welsh as English...

Oh yeh, and then they made them run up and down a beach carrying dead fish and putting them into buckets. WHAT THE FUCK?!

And yeh... that was pretty much the only thing of note that went on. That and that I read Vurt. Which was, contrary to the cunt from the Daily Mail says, a work of sheer and powerful beauty. Gorgeous, well realised, violent and warped. I hate Jeff Noon and swear I will one day kill him and take his place... Irritatingly talented Manchuiran bastard.

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