I love Radio 4 so much

While part of me wants this to be a joke, part of me fucking NEEDS this to be a joke, and yet part of me wants this to be oh so true...

When Radio 4 was rounding up all the best radio broadcast in the english language (which I had hoped meant a bunch of nutcases in Belgraqde who can't speak the language just going hell-for-leather, making no sense but sounding soooooo good, but actually means American talk radio) and there was a man who appeared, in a diatribe against vegitarians, to say fagitarians. Which would make sense, given that this man had already gotten "someone who doesn't eat meat" and "someone who takes heroin" confused (it must be easy, when you can ape language but don't actually appear to know what actual words mean <FUCKHEAD HEAR! FUCKHEAD DO!> to make such mistakes... ). And I so want him to have actually said it! Just to ram home the point that NOT EATING REAL MANLY MAN MEAT means you must PORK PUSSY LIBERAL PINKO FEMMY MEN, and that PORKING PUSSY LIBERAL PINKO FEMMY MEN is A TREASONAS PUSSY FOOTED SHOW OF WEAKNESS IN THE FACE OF THE IMPENDING THREAT OF TOTAL DESTRUCTION AT THE HANDS OF THEM DAMN NIGGER-LOVING PUSSYS IN WASHINGTON.

Is it just me, or is that the most perfect thing in the world ever? It's ha;f the traits I hate about homanity ROLLED INTO ONE. Now all we need to do is splice that guys genes with the gene's of Lucy's cousin Tilly, and we'd haev my own personal anti-Christ. Or "Baroness Thatcher".

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My latest dumb plan: I just started a band with a woman who was very drunk and won't remember in the morning. She was hardly peachy keen (until she got drunker) and we don't have drummer anyway.

I have also discovered the I physically yearn for my All Star's when I don't get to wear them. Fucking trendy fucking dress code fucking dumb stupid shit fuck 'em...

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I aced an exam on Henry VII by talking about the state of modern capitalism!!

My waffel-fu far exceeds yrs!

You can all buy me whisky now, and not talk about linguistics...

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So London was egp-fellating. Gave out 11 copies of the sky is falling in, to mad props from groovy people, mostly on design related issues, so all kudos goes Benward.

Other then that... yeh, the weekend was cool. Eveyrone was happy and conversation flowed (this is rare) and there were no fights and we talke about 24 a whole bunch of times. It was fun. And Lilith didn't eat my head, which so totally made things better still.

And then on Monday we watched TOO MANY FILMS-

Run Lola Run- I liked this. It was a cool idea, and open to deeper thought if you're so inclined. But it was marred by being dubed, having animation like those evil fucking French videos Muzzy and actually not managing to impart ANY SENSE OF ENERGY ON ME AT ALL. But that last point may have been becasue it was two in the morning...

Eraserhead- This I had wanted to see for a while (same with the above), but I really don't think I got it. It was a uick, fucked little film, but maybe I'm just too dumb, as it didn't really scare me. The Lady In The Radiator was cool, but... uh... HOW?! Was this even explained in the plot? At all? What was Lynch even thinking?! Deffinatly a film I will have to see again (in maybe a less... green version), just because I want to like it so much more then I do.

Battle Royale- This film had such a great derth of internal consistency that it makes you wonder just how it was adapted from an apparently very well crafted book. That said, it was fortunatly subtitled insteead of dumbed and there was lots of killing, with (apparently) A MORAL POINT! Bonus!

Requim For A Dream- Badly flawed by the constant jerking of the DVD playback, this film was still great. An enermous, violent visual hit to the head, my only gripe is that it doesn't really handle the teevee idea, um... at all... instead just bringing drugs back to to it again.

American Psycho- Enjoyable at the time but, uh... WHERE'S THE PLOT?! I'm sure there must be a bit more of a one in the book. MAybe I'll even bother to read my second-hand copy of it one day to find out. It's good, tho, in it's own self-important way, and atleast it tries to make a comment. Unlike...

American Psycho 2- Wrong wrong wrong on so many levels... IT MAKES NO SENSE! IT HAS WILLIAM SHATNER IN IT!! IT'S HORRIBLE, TERRIBLY BAD!!!

And thus concludes my London-catch-up post. Wasn't it fun?!

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