So I'm gonna talk about hair.

To be honest, I don't give a flying fuck about weather you care about my hair or not. I'm gonna talk about it anyway.

I fucking hate getting it cut. This isn't like people hate going to the dentist. Because people don't hate going to the dentist cos they're totally zen-like resigned to the fact that the dentist is gonan totally forget what you told hir, watch football instead of actually doing hir job, stick a comb in yr eye and fucking poke yr head with scissors and laugh when you jump! And that is exactly why i hate getting my hair cut. Cos I'm always gonna get my head poked. I fucking hate getting my head poked. I am so totally gonna pull the fingernails out of the next twat who tries to even comment on my hair, and then jump up and down on the bloody stumps while recounting all the facts about what I have to fucking put up with.

But that isn't this best bit about my hair remocal themed day. No no- that was the fact that, when I went into work to get the time off to go to Brighton in two weeks time and the security guard felt the need to tell me, even tho I had hair stuck to my neck, all down my bright yellow tee, and kept touching my head in a mildly betrayed manner and, you know, had drastically reduced ammounts of hiar!!- Dispite all this, he still felt the need to tell me (not even ask me. No. No, he just told me that my hair had been cut.


_chris! // 17:08


For anyone eargerly awaiting the arrival of the sky is falling in on their doorsteps:

Approximatly two paper copies of it exist. I have one and
he has one. We burn it to ceedee tonite, give to the printers tomorrow and get it on big fuckoff A3 sheets on Thursday or Firday or Saturday or something like that. Then Ben cuts it all out and gets his dad to photocopy it for a week. Then we print off the envelopes and get some string and find some way to apy for all the posting and then you all get it.

Pleasebe aptient. We are very proud of our achivement and please don't mention that we a re sloppy because I, for one, will probablly cry.

_chris! // 08:51



OK, explain me this:

If suicide bombings are so deplorable becasue they are attacks on non-combatants, then what the fuck do you call bombing the no fly zones of Iraq and imposing trade embargoes that are killing non-combatants every day. And what do you call driving tanks thru refugee camps?

If they are so deplorable because of the lack of risk perceivbed on the part of the attacker, then tell me why bombing Dresden with minimal risk to the pilots is perfectly fine? And if the size of yr military justification is directly proportional to the size of the threat to yr men, then how do you justify the plan to use “smart” nuclear devices to precede any attack on Hussein to minimise risk to yr comandoes?

If America is in a recession, Argentina is ruined, Brazil et al are all going that way, and Venezula’s economy grew by 4% last year, why is it the anti-corporatist, social democratic latter that is still considerd the failure?

How is destroying the democractically elected Marxist government of Allende in Chile and replaceing it with a neoliberal dictatorship under General Pinochet in repsonse to the $1 million bounty placed on Allende’s head by ITT a triumph for free will and freer people, so often the cause celebre of the free markets that it actually benefitted?

Why must it always be assumed that if we disposed of our monarchy we would have to replace them with a President Blair. Why could we not have our own President Chåvez instead. Why are people so resigned to the self-fulfilling prophecy of the right wing press and media, and incapable of, apparently, even really caring about their life anymore?

And when The Bush Administration is filled with Catholic Fundamentalists so far out of their tree that they ignore the Pope, can they really claim to be combatting religious fundmentalism? And since the War On Terror long since ceased to be about justice and is now about an eye-for-an-eye retribution, shouldn’t everyone have stopped back in December, when 3, 800 non-combatent Afgahnistani’s had already been killed?

Can we all just grow the fuck up?

_chris! // 19:42


I am going to Brighton soon to see The Boredoms and am disatisfied with ym hair.

My blog has now gotten to the point of talking about my hair.

I'm off. Bye.

_chris! // 17:33


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