Right. Can everyone stop acting like the fact that I givbe precisly no fucks that England just beat Argentina one-nil means that I give not one fuck about anything? I just don't give fucks about football or nationalism- and since when the fuck did a one goal victory justify racial superiority?! And what the fuck are people proud of?! What the fuck did you do for the win, bitch?!

Besides. I quite clearly get excited. I nearly came last nite when
Mark from Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia... emailed me. I jump around like a little girl every time 24's on. I grin madly every time people put Thatcher down.

I also care aout the fact that every fucking time I walk down a street my intelligence is insulted. Fucking why wave flags, you stupid fucking cretins?! The sheer fact that people feel the need to do that astounds me. This isn't a politically correct complaint. I'm not saying I hate flag waving on the ground that there are black people who might be offended by it (tho I'm sure there are). No, this is a complaint because I simply don't want to have to belive that people are so stupid that they feel the need to take such a lazy personality, ready made for them, rather then try and be a real person in their own right, and that they'd go to such lengths as to hang a fucking flag out of their window just so eveyrone knows that they're so damn stupid, lazy and ignorant that they can't think of anything that intrests them outside of thinking that they're better then others because of the country they were born in. Fucking idiots.

_chris! // 21:49



I really need to learn to have conversations.

I was in essential on saturday buying
the Electrelane elpee and the two guys manning the counter got totally excited. It rocked. They werea cting like they'd had the ceedee kicking around for ages cos they loved the band but no one else did. It's the sort of thing I wished happened more. And what did I do? Did I get excited too? Did Imendations? Did I FUCK. I just stood there and went "yeh". No mention of I Want To Be The President, which I love. No asking when they were gonna play So'ton next. No fucking nothing.

I hate this.

_chris! // 15:03



I’m sick to death of rationalizing myself to people. I can’t stand the sheer stupidity of people when they react like I should know I’m wrong.

Ofcourse I’m not fucking wrong. I may be wrong to you, but fuck that. You want me to speak in E-prime my whole life? Fuck that too. Clearly everything I say is my own opinion. I’m fucking saying it. Does it go without saying?

Why must I Doubt me? Why must I concede that I might have a wrong view on The Queen? Why must everything be bookended by the shuffling of feet, the qualifier “in my humble opinion”, the lie “but what would I know?”. I’m right, and I fucking know I am. You’re right, too. And you know it.

Because if you’re not right, then what right do yo have? if levez vos skinny fists comme antennae to heaven! is only as artisitically valid as Three Lions then surely you should buy a copy of both, to maintain fairness in the charts. If the upper ceiling on income tax is just as morally right as renationalizing the railways, then surely you should vote for everyone, ‘lest someone should think you have a fucking belife.

Ofcourse yo are right. If you do not have the conviction to know this then what right do you have to have a say? If you have a shred of doubt, then how can you expect others to lvie by what you have done. Democracy is about convictions and ideas. It’s about fighting and raging and never giving up. Obviously everythignis yr own fucking opinion, but since when the fuck could it be said that yr opinion wasn’t workth shit?!

The Monarchy is for lazy, complacent, ignorant little shits who don’t possess the intelligence and the will power to have a democracy and then fight to keep it good. Nationalism is for people too stupid to have an identity. The Labour Party is for people who don’t know what they want and are too lazy to think of anything. “Compastionate Conservatives” are a lie told by Iain Duncan Smith’s PR man to make you sleep better at nite. The sky is falling in.

_chris! // 21:43


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