And on a similar note:

I have just been asked if it is harming me, and why I have a problem with it- the popularity of the franchise is a democratic thing, right? Wrong.

It’s not just harming me, it’s harming everyone.The complacency of the enterprise is an all-pervading social meme. Lucas has become fat and bloated on his own sucess, a stupid boring dullard of an “artist” out now to merely make money thru the coninuous placement of as many copywritted creations in as many marketable situations as possible. You could mark Ford down for the same charge, of profiting from the bleeding-dry of the concept, but at least he continues to make new things and move beyond what made him (alright, so Lucas made Indyana Jones, three filsms for the price of one. Whoo-fucking-hoo). I’m not attacking him for having money, here. Engles had money too, for fucks sake, but atleast he put it to good use. No, the point here is that Lucas has made a market for himself, and then merely prostituted himself to it. he can do what he likes, and he knows that it will sell.

Comic-shop working fan boys will see it because that’s what they do. They owe their fucking lives to this institution, in many stereotyped cases. Americans will go see it because they believe that, because at one point in their nations pop culture past it played an importnat role, that it continues to do so today, with no grasp of context or cynicism. Parents will take their children because it’s “a spectalce. Something to do” (this doesn’t mean parent ssupport it, any more that the general populance of the country support the monarchy just because they all turned up. I’d have turned up, for fucks sake). Children will go because they have the lunchbox. No one will go cos they saw a trailer and thought “Ooh”, or their friend with their ear to the ground saw it and said it was good. They will all go, with varying degrees of morbid fascination, because it is The Done Thing.

And such a complacent culture is a bad thing. It’s harming everyone because it is harming art. I feel I am having my intelligance insulted the way I do by Dallas and CNN News and FCUK. The all-pervading lack of thought that goes into this sating and homogenising of dreams, the anal fist-fucking of the mass auidiance and Chomskyite creation of willing consumours that is the hallmark of this tabloid creativity were not caused by Star Wars and Lucas. They were in place a long time before and will be there for a long time after. Lucas is just a case study in this, and an easy target. That doesn’t make him blameless, but it does mean he’s not that Machiavelian, press manipulating genius it sounds as tho I have made him out to be, either.

NB: I am also not attacking the auidiance’s of his films. Some people are too busy to find culture, some people have children who listen to advertising, some people are too nostalgic for their own good, some people want to know what all the fuss is about, some people have too much time own their hands and some people just deserve to be shot.

_chris! // 15:22


A sure sign that the man is in denial...

Everyone knows that Episode 2 will suck like Episode 1,a dn if ti doesn't, then that's no reason to get excited. Becasue if it si good, then that only means that the crushing disapointment of Episode 3 will be all the more crushing. Surely everyone by now has taken all the nessessary precautions to save themselves from the mental trauma that will be three hours of Lucas, in a little darkended room full of Star Wars paraphanalia, and the auideiance will be forced to sit and watch as, toy by toy, he masturbates over the accuratly recrerated plastic visages screaming "See this?! This is your fucking CHILDHOOD!! And I'm wanking on it! Haha! Fuck your dreams! I'm George Lucas and I fucking OWN YOUR HAPPY MEMORIES!! So fuck you! I can do what I like! And if you complain, I'm gonna strap on a Rastafarian wig and put on an accent and talk about all "ma borther's is gay"! That'll really give the fucking critics something to bitch about! Cos I didn't take my dubious views of race far enough with the fucking pussy Jar Jar! Fuck all y'all!!"

And no, he can't sue for libel cos it's his own fucking fault for being a complacent, artless hack and making shit movies for a shit auidience. He can come back and bitch when gets a moral highground.

_chris! // 13:45


You were going to get an update about how my work on the tills is going and what I think of The Book Club, but my nite's blown ass and I don't feel like talking about it right now.

_chris! // 00:06



This is a threadI'm particularly enjoying at the moment... Tho obviously it does mean I can't tell you about how I spent 40 mins sat on grass looking at clouds and making daisy chains with a girl who wants to want to eat grass, because that isn't very angsty.

On another tip, Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia's ceedee has, according to HMV, been "discontinued". But that means shit, as they appear to be systematically removing All Good Stuff (hello? Peaches? Melt-banana? cLOUDDEAD? Half of Sonic Youth's back catalogue? All Girl Summer Fun Band? Smog? Fucking anything?!) from their store here. Which is fine, because my world was so clearly lacking in an oversized Woolworths record department before last Monday, but... nwo that they're not even ordering harder to get stuff, how do people here get their music? It was the only store that catered for any sort of possibly-only-in-my-head market for indie mucis of all sorts on the island. Tho there could just be removing all signs of innovation from their shelves so that they do not sully the name of the Isle of Wight Festival and will bring it all back when they've stopped celebrating Total Fucking Shit.

I hope.

_chris! // 17:24



So... much... distresed... denim.... And note a trend back to DIY distress, and none of this stupid fucking sandblast-then-move-pocket schtick. This can only mean that, once again disaster has been everted and I don't have to see a pre-distressed Telecaster on sale, if only this month...

In pother news, the jury's back in: People blow ass

In between
this and having to calm down and help my sick form tutor after some class of little Year 11 shits drove her up the wall and trashed her classroom... No. This is just stupid. How do people do this? I don't get it... Why are we all shits?

I'mnot angry about this, really. I'm confused by it. I really don't understand...


Time for a lie-down...

_chris! // 11:25


Office Killer's 'Hitler Vision'

A man who shot dead seven co-workers believed he was killing Hitler and his Nazi generals, a jury heard yesterday.

Michael McDermott claimed he was on a holy mission to stop the Holocaust.

But prosecutors say he carried out a deliberate and bloody revenge on his firm over a tax dispute.

McDermott, 43, described reciving instructions from St. Michael the Archangel, travelling back in time to 1940 to Hitler's bunker in Berlin, and killing him and six generals.

The trial continues.

- my good God, this is why I love tabloids! yay The Daily Mirror!

_chris! // 10:56


Wow. This is werid. I'm hung on people.

On the one hand, working tills in a supewrmarket made me love them. They're so cool! They're nice and understanding and you get really cute couples, which was happy and pleasent and everyone was just so... nice. This could just be the fact that the sort of people who go shopping at 22:00 aren't representative of people, but by GOd, you'd think they were underestimated.

But on the other, it's summer now, and my intelligence is being viscerally insulted by the sheer weight, volume and omni-fucking-present nature of the FCUK meme. It's fucking everywhere. All the people are stupid and I'm bored of them.


I'm quite sure I have work to do, too.

_chris! // 08:31


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